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Tab for "Faith" - Limp Bizkit Rating 4Print Guitar Tabs
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Limp bizkit  faith
Tuning:C# dropped B (L-H)(B F# B E G# C#)


D5 x7

well I guess it would be nice

if I could touch your body

I know not everybody

has gotta body like me


but I gotta think twice

before I give my heart away

and I know all the games you play

'cause I play them too


oh, but I need some time off

from that emotion

C5                               D5
time to pick my heart up off the floor

when that love comes down

without devotion

well it takes a strong man baby

but I'm showin' you that door


D5 (heavy!)

well I gotta have faith

gotta have faith x3


baby, I know you're askin' me to stay

say please, please, please don't go away

cuz you're givin' you the blues


baby, you might mean all the words you say

can't help but think of yesterday

and another who tied me down to lover-boy blues


C5                D5
before this river becomes an ocean

C5                                  D5
before you pick my heart up off the floor

when our love comes down

without devotion

well it takes a stong man baby

but I'm, uh, showing you that door


D5 (heavy!)

well, I gotta have faith

gotta have faith - x3


get the fuck up!


D5 Eb5 D5 3x

D5 Eb5 D5

I gotta have faith - x4

faith - x2


am i freak in the darkness, or am i misfit

you speak of opinions

do sink in so deep

but it's alright

you're just an illusion, confused by your narrow mind

reality is up ahead in the distance

but that lack of persistence has left you behind

now you're reaching for your sanity

cuz you afraid of me

so don't fuck with me

you wanna ask me a question

well, i gotta question

how much longer can i tolerate this shit

egos trip when you're livin' on the flip side

drop out of a uterous and god damn

i see you pointin' your finger

you stereotype me cuz you don't like me

well you don't even know me

punk _you don't know me


stereotype me cuz you don't like me
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